Moving Companies Ratings - How To Find The Best Movers

  • So you finally sold your home and now you need to move all your stuff from one home to your new home. Finding a reliable moving company is not easy. The moving industry has a terrible reputation. There are nightmare stories of them holding people's stuff hostage for more money. Don't find yourself in this situation. Before deciding on a company do your homework and give these tips a try.

    Moving from one home to another is not cheap. Moving quotes generally take two things into account. The amount of stuff you need to move and how far you need to move it. You should always get at least three moving quotes. Generally, quotes are free on the internet or over the phone. Once you get a quote then you need to make sure it is in writing and that you understand the contract.

    Always get several references before deciding on a moving company. Ask your friends who they have used in the past and make sure you check the BBB in your city and in the city you are moving to. Don't rely on just what the movers say. Make sure you get other people's opinions.

    Make sure the company is bonded and insured. You don't want to get all of your stuff stolen and then find out your company doesn't have insurance. Also, make sure the workers are insured as well. If you need special items moved such as a piano or car then make sure your company can handle the request.

    Follow the above tips and you will find that your move will go much easier. Good luck.


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