Privacy Statement

Consent for the Use for Information

This notice of privacy informs about:

The notice is applicable to the use of our site as well as any services that this notice refers to. By making any of the actions such as using the site we provide or register your account, you give us the green flag of accepting the conditions and terms that we provide in this privacy policy notice. The availability of the personal information from your side is necessary for us to provide you the services.

OM SEARCH takes care of the global privacy ethics and follows all the guidelines mentioned in the government laws. We take complete responsibility for collecting, retaining, protecting, using and disclosing your personal details. All these processes follow the disciplined and strict guidelines to fulfil the global level standards. We may share your personal details with the third party that comes under the corporate family of ours. This sharing allows us to provide the required services effectively.

  1. What does it mean by personal information?
    Personal information includes all the details that are associated with the identity of an individual. These details can provide the information of the identification of a person. However, if the information is aggregated or anonymous, then, it does not come under the personal information range. Also, these kinds of informational pieces cannot help in identifying an individual.
  2. What defines public information?
    Public information is the information that you make accessible to anyone on our site. These pieces of information are obtainable by anyone coming through search engines as well as other media.

In the case of ‘privacy’ term changes

We hold the right to change the privacy terms. The changes are updated to the notice and become applicable in the formal procedures of our services within a certain period of time. When it comes to informing about the policy changes, we use our site, email and other mediums if required.

Global privacy and protection

OM SEARCH follows the global standards of the privacy policy. Our services provide the protection and security according to the highest authoritative guidelines and regulations. Our policies have been approved by the global authorities.

Information collection

We collect the provided information in various situations:

  1. At the time of account registration
    Our company collects the details associated with your personal information at the time of account registration. When you create an account, we collection details such as addresses, name, email addresses, telephone number, and other contacts related information. These pieces of information help us in various aspects of the job.
  2. At the time of account verification
    We have the permission from the law to gather information when you verify your account with us. This verification allows us to ensure the authenticity of you or the account you create. This way, we verify the details that you submit to us.
  3. At the time of community engagements
    We also collect your details at the time of community engagements. These community engagements include indulging in the discussions, participating in the chats, and submitting a web form as well.
  4. At the time of service use
    Using any kind of services from our platform allows us to collect your information. We collect information when you post the service requirement. The information is also collected if you take actions to reply to the available services. Similarly, the details are collected if you communicate with any of the users or us as well. The transaction related details are collected too. This may include the financial information you provide such as the bank account numbers or credit card information.
  5. At the time of account interaction
    If you are making changes in the information of your account, we collect them as well. The account related changes such as saving the searches, creating alerts and others are collected. Along with that, we also monitor the updates in the interests, favourites, gender, and age-related changes.
  6. At the time you make a contact
    We may collect information when you contact us for certain reasons. These reasons may include but not limited to dispute resolution, chat, web form submission and other communications.

If you decide to submit your needs to the movers through our site, we collect the following details automatically:

  1. Device information
    We collect the information regarding the devices that you use in order to contact and interact. These pieces of details include your device ID, device type, device token, unique user ID and other details.
  2. Location
    Your location related information is automatically collected when you submit your details for the movers on our site. The geo-location is monitored for the future assistance.
  3. Web information
    We also collect the statistics associated with the traffic, page views, your IP address, your web log information, your browsing history, referral URL and other details.

Information collection using technologies such as web beacons, cookies, and others:

We use the technologies to find information related to the pages that your land on, the links that you click on and also other associated factors occurring on our site. You can contact us to find more information on our policy on using web beacons, cookies, and other technologies.

Information collection from other resources:

  1. Third party
    Third parties can also help us gather information about you. The information collection that is allowed by the laws of government is leveraged. The third parties help us in the collection of, demographic information, contact information, credit check details, and others.
  2. Other users
    Other users can give us your information as well. However, it is the user’s responsibility to inform you about the terms and conditions that we have regarding the collection, retention, use, and disclosure of the information. Also, it is the information provider’s responsibility to take your consent before handing over the information to us.

Retention and use

We use the collected information to enhance the personal approach in our services

With your personal details:

We use the collected information for assistance and support:

We leverage the personal details such as the email, telephone, messages and others:

We use the collected information in improving our marketing and advertising efforts:

We use the collected information to ensure the legal compliance:

Personal information retention:

We retain all the personal information from the active accounts. Similarly, we hold the right to retain the information from the closed accounts as well. This way, we keep ourselves in the compliance of national laws. Plus, it also helps in the avoiding the potential frauds and assists in any necessary investigation. The retained information allows us to collect the owed fees and take other necessary actions if required.

After the complete usage of the information, we carefully dispose of your personal details without harming your security in any manner.

User access

We always honour your right to review and make changes in the personal details. However, it is our right to deny the request for deletion or modification of the personal details, according to the national laws and guidelines. We assist and provide valid reasons for the restrictions that we put on your right to review and modify your account details.

User choice


We ensure complete protection of your personal information. Most advanced technologies are leveraged as security measures for your details. We use data encryption and other controls to ensure the authorized access to the information. Plus, a dedicated team stays available all the time to assist you with the security-related queries.

Scope of disclosure

We may disclose your details to our corporate network:

We may disclose your details to the third parties:

We may disclose your details to the law enforcement and other government officials:

In the case of an ownership change

We are obliged to share your information in the case of ownership changes. If the company merges with the other or goes under other ownership, then, the Privacy policies are shared along with your information. However, you get all the rights associated with the privacy policy from the new ownership as well. The necessary notifications regarding the collection, use, retention, and disclosure of your information are provided to you in advance in such cases.

Important details

When you log in through social accounts

You have the facility to log in via your social accounts as well as via regular methods of signing in. However, it is necessary that the entered password matches with the issued password.

We have no control over the “keep me signed in” policy that comes from your social network service provider. Hence:

Threatening and unwanted messages

We have absolutely no toleration for the abuse of our contact information and services. You are not allowed to send messages, emails, or call other users for any sort of commercial requirements. This is only possible if we provide special permissions to you. Sending any sort of threatening and unwanted emails or messages puts you in front of our strict terms and conditions. Our team takes spams very seriously.

When you share your information to the third parties

Our privacy policy is applicable only until the information is collected or shared by us. But if you share your information with any third party, their privacy policies become applicable.

We are not responsible for the security of the privacy of your personal information if you have already shared it with another third party. It becomes your responsibility to examine the third party’s privacy policy and terms related to the personal information.

Queries or complaints

For related queries and complaints associated with the privacy policy, you can contact us anytime. Our professional team is always there to answer all your questions and resolve your troubles.

The questions regarding the data usage and privacy or protection are answered thoroughly. So, you never have to stay confused on that matter.

Contact us for any information or assistance regarding the privacy policy. We are always there to help you out with your rights. From protection to the security of the data, we are reliable in every manner.

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