Planning Your Interstate Relocation? Follow This Checklist

  • Relocating to another state is as overwhelming as exciting it feels. You have to plan a lot of things including the move of all your belongings. A checklist of things to do will be perfect.

    So, you have decided to move to another state. Great! A new life full of opportunities awaits in a new place. However, along with all the excitement, you must be feeling overwhelmed by the task of shifting your whole house to a different state. The matter is delicate and requires people with optimal experience in proper packaging techniques and planning interstate moves.

    Without that, the task will seem too huge to handle and you will face trouble regarding the packaging, organizing, labelling, loading, and unloading of all the items. The chances of damages increase without the presence of correct equipment and professional handlers.

    You will need a clear strategy to find and organize your interstate relocation smoothly. Hence, this article offers a checklist of things you should do to plan the whole process. Let’s start!

    1.    Find professional packers and movers for the relocation

    First and foremost, you need to find professional packers and movers. Make sure that the hired experts specialize in interstate relocation. This will help to organize the moving process conveniently. Professionals come with the right kind of equipment to handle different types of items.

    Ask professionals about their planning regarding your valuable items, fragile items, heavy items or any other belonging. If they talk about the use of bubble wraps, plastic sheets and other cushioning, then, it’s a good sign. Proper cushioning provided by experts will protect each item while loading, moving and unloading.

    You can also look into the quality of packing materials they use. It will help you further ensure the expertise of professionals.

    2.    Look into the presence of relocation insurance coverage

    While expert movers specialize in their skills, they are still humans. So, the chances of accidents are possible always. You can’t deny the tiny bit percentage of your stuff getting damaged during a relocation process. However, you have the ability to remove this concern simply by finding movers that provide insurance coverage for their services. So, in case of any damage, the service provider becomes liable to compensate for it.

    The presence of insurance coverage will save you from potential expenses caused due to unwanted damages on furniture, electronics or any other item while moving.

    3.    Ensure the best possible rates of interstate relocation

    Interstate relocation can be expensive, but you can save a lot by making smart moves. You should search for online listings where movers provide special deals on their relocation packages. Also, make a list of service providers to compare their prices. For this, you will have to request a quote from all the movers on your list. They will inspect your location and belongings to provide a quote. This estimation will depend on the nature of items, quantity, relocation distance, and other factors.

    However, after getting a quote from multiple shortlisted options, you can pick the one that seems budget-convenient.

    Other factors to add to your Planning

      •  Find a day off to sit and segment your items into a list of needed and unneeded items. That way, you can sell or give away unwanted items to reduce the clutter.
      • Shut down any unnecessary household services like your water supply, electricity, internet connection, and phone. Also, you should officially change your address provided to the post office. This is important to get all important bills, deliveries, and letters on your latest residence.
      • If you are moving with children, look into new options of schools for them in the new location. You wouldn’t want to miss the final date of admissions.
      • Also, make sure you obtain the medical records of everyone in your family from the current doctor. This will make healthcare easier in your new destination
      • Follow the mentioned points and you will be good to relocate comfortably.


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