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  • OM SEARCH- AUSTRALIA's First Moving Marketplace

    How to Find the Best Mover in the Market - Key Strategies for a Stress Free MoveLife is full of stress, and the three major stresses are: Your wedding night, birth of a new child and moving day. Yes, moving day is definitely a part of what most individuals hate doing in their lifetime. Why deal with lifting furniture, breaking your back, possible accidents while driving the big trucks, and the list can go on and on. However, if you do decide to select a mover, what are the potential pitfalls in hiring a mover? The list goes on and… Read more [...]
  • 4 Don’ts to Remember When Moving Your House

    4 Don’ts to Remember When Moving Your HouseWhether you plan to move far away or relocate locally, the process will involve multiple tasks. Right from keeping your belongings safe and keeping the cost under control, you can’t miss anything. However, there are several Don’ts of moving your house, which you should definitely remember when planning relocation.1. Don’t go for the cheapest removalistsYour goal can’t be to find the cheapest removalists for the moving process. Many people take house removal lightly and look for the cheapest packers and movers. But, this can compromise the level of expertise and experience of the hired… Read more [...]
  • Great Hacks to Maintain Security of Belongings during House Removal

    Great Hacks to Maintain Security of Belongings during House RemovalEveryone tells you how hectic, stressful and time-consuming house removal can be. But, when you have to conduct this task, you can only try to make it as secure and convenient as possible.The security of your belongings during house removal depends on multiple factors. Hence, this article offers valuable hacks to help you cover those factors for top-level house removal security.Find the right movers and truckThe most important aspect of keeping your belongings safe is the selection of movers and the truck size you choose. While the movers should have optimal… Read more [...]
  • Planning Your Interstate Relocation? Follow This Checklist

    Relocating to another state is as overwhelming as exciting it feels. You have to plan a lot of things including the move of all your belongings. A checklist of things to do will be perfect.So, you have decided to move to another state. Great! A new life full of opportunities awaits in a new place. However, along with all the excitement, you must be feeling overwhelmed by the task of shifting your whole house to a different state. The matter is delicate and requires people with optimal experience in proper packaging techniques and planning interstate moves.Without that, the task will… Read more [...]
  • Tips To Choose A Correct Moving Truck To Protect Yourself From Multiple Trips

    Packing, loading and moving items are some of the most crucial aspects of relocating. Poorly packed belongings get damaged while moving. At the same time, the correct size of a moving truck is also important to conveniently settle items when loading. Also, the right truck size saves from making multiple trips, which would add more cost to the service of removal.When you choose a removal service, hiring the right would be easier if you follow these tips:1. Accurately assess your stuffYou know the scale of removal you need. So, experts recommend people to properly assess the number of items and… Read more [...]
  • Make the entire moving procedure bother free with a Featured Mover at OM Search

    OM Search: Moving Search Portal Where Australian Movers Meet a Vast Consumer MarketOM Search is one of its kind portal to search and book movers. Our company has a huge team of business and marketing experts. We verify movers and add them to a huge list of choices. Professional digital marketers put great efforts into promoting businesses. Movers can get listed and advertise with us to attain a greater level of market exposure. Our goal is to benefit movers as well as the service seekers. Working in that direction, we provide exciting deals for customers when they search and book… Read more [...]
  • How to choose the best mover, you ask?

    How to choose the best mover, you ask? How about using a search portal that has impressed more than 5000 moving service seekers? OM Search has a massive collection of experienced and verified businessGrab Your OM Hot Deals NowKeep our hot deals handy to save more money when you book a service.6 tonne truck with 2 men just at $40PHH with flat callout fee#10 tonne truck with 2 men just at $50PHH plus callout fee # 5 tonne truck with 2 men just at $45PHH Plus  drive back fee # 10 tonne truck with 2 men just at $55PHH plus… Read more [...]
  • 3 Super-Effective Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Removalist Business

    To succeed as a removalist, you need to put effort into marketing your business. However, many business owners worry about low ROI if marketing efforts don’t capture the attention of service seekers. Such marketing won’t generate any profit for your business in the long run.Instead of blindly putting money into marketing, you can take smart steps to put your business right in front of the target customers. To help you out, here are some exceptionally effective marketing ideas.1. Spread your business and brandAs a removalist, you have to be present in front of service seekers in the locations you cover.… Read more [...]
  • Ways you can reduce time in moving process

    Moving is obviously a very tedious job. It takes a lot of time efforts and money.Although this burden can be easily transferred to professional removalist agency, there are some things you can do to save time in moving from one place to another.Stay organisedAn essential thing is to stay organized. Each thing at the right place, everything sorted out and with enough time to spare. Everyone knows that last minute things are the most unorganized ones. They are inefficient and may lead to problems if they are planned at the eleventh hour, as is the case of all the last… Read more [...]
  • Most frequently damaged items during a move

    Moving is a job that causes a lot of damage and takes up a lot of time. There are many disadvantages caused by moving. One of which is belongings being damaged. Some of those belongings may be pricey, some may be close to the heart, maybe rare!So who would want damaged articles? No one, right? So pay attention to the fragile items, and ask the movers that you selected, 2 take extra precautions and be extra careful with those articles. Here are some articles that are frequently damaged while moving-1. Artwork pieces-They are a type of items which are commonly… Read more [...]
  • Different types of packing material

    Going to a new place means a big step in a person's life. He leaves behind his memories, his familiar quarters, and moves to an unknown place with unknown people all around. Other than the fact that it is super hard to adjust yourself to the new environment, it takes some work to settle down too. A moving company may do your work, but if you are thinking about moving on your own, then there are a few packing materials that you need to keep handy, in order to make the process easier.1. Packing paperPacking paper comes in handy when… Read more [...]
  • Necessary items for living in a tiny house

    Many problems arise if you move to a smaller house than the one you were previously living in. Yes, such houses are cheaper and easier to maintain, yes they are much more adorable than large spacious homes, but the main problems that a person may face when he moves to a smaller house than before may be due to the belongings that are now to be accommodated in a smaller place than before.So to make your life easier, you need to keep in mind that some substances are important when you move to a smaller house to efficiently utilize the… Read more [...]
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